From Dee's sister: I just want to know... If she is alive, if she is happy, if she ever thinks of me.  My sister, Dee Ann Ahlvers (aka Kylie Lundahl) has been missing since 1998.  Sixteen years.  She disappeared from my life and seemingly from the face of the earth.  She had been my sister and best friend, I was her sister and like her mother since she was 7 years old when our mother died. We were close, shared our thoughts, dreams and loves and did the best we could to figure out what this life was all about. 

Dee was an amazing person, she knew there was a purpose for her life, she wouldn't waste a moment and was always looking for the next person to challenge her.  She moved to California in 1985 looking for that person to take her to the next level.  She found Carlos Castaneda.  Within 4 years she contacted me saying she needed to detach from all her worldly possessions and relationships in order to continue her life journey.  I never heard from her again and in 1998 when Carlos Castaneda died, I learned that she disappeared. There has never been a coordinated effort to investigate what happened to her.  But now there is a chance.  Probably the last  chance to find out if she is alive, if she is happy, if she ever thinks of me.  Please join us in this effort; we will be most grateful. We just want to know.

Castaneda sold nearly

30 million books.

Castaneda on the cover of Time:

March 5, 1973.


Amalia, Dee Ann, Florinda, and Taisha

   In 1998, days after the death of Carlos Castaneda - author of the multi-million copy best-seller, The Teachings of Don Juan - five women close to him vanished from a home they shared with Castaneda in Los Angeles, California.
   Five years later, the bones of Patricia Partin were found in the Panamint Dunes in Death Valley. The other four are still missing. 
   We're brothers, sisters, children, cousins and friends of the missing women. We've heard the rumors - they went to Mexico, they committed suicide, they're in one country or another. 
   There has never been an official investigation into their disappearance. We have been searching for them on our own for 16 years, rebuffed at every turn by law enforcement and people who know more than we do. We've nearly exhausted ourselves and our resources in this search, but we have uncovered important clues. We can't go further without your help: leads and ideas - and/or donations to pursue evidence and find witnesses.
   We want to find them and tell them we love them. And we want the truth - whatever it may be.