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Amalia, Dee Ann, Florinda, and Taisha

We're determined to find the truth.

Our little group consists of a professional researcher, a cult investigator, a finance expert, and a son, brothers, sisters and cousins of the missing women. Arriving from four states, we met in Death Valley in April, 2014 on a search for the missing women near where Patricia Partin died in the dunes.

You can help us.

If you have a theory, an idea, or know people who know more than we do, let us know. If you prefer to communicate anonymously, use the comment box on the right and make up a name and an email address.

If you have information, please contact us and the Los Angeles Police Department.  LAPD Missing Person Case Number: 060807522. The FBI has a case file with DNA from family members. Interpol alerts have been sent to several countries.


I'm David, Amalia's cousin. I can be reached at I live in the San Francisco Bay area.