The Dark Legacy of Carlos Castaneda. Salon: Robert Marshall. 2007.

Robert has spent 15 years looking for the four missing woman. He never knew them, but has endured a tireless quest to find them because he knew someone would care and he suspected they did not disappear of their own volition.

Five women vanished in 1998, days after Castaneda died.The car of one, Patrica Partin, was found near the Panamint Dunes in Death Valley a week after Castaneda died. A park ranger, who quickly learned the name of the car's owner, found nothing suspicious. In 2003, hikers found Patricia's bones in the dunes, identified by DNA in 2006.

Remains of Guru's Disciple Identified. Parumph Valley Times. 2006.

In 2014, family members of the missing women went to Death Valley to search for the missing women. Parumph Valley Times story. If link doesn't work, here's a pdf.

Carlos Castaneda Obituary. 1998. Los Angeles Times.

Margaret Runyan Obituary. 2012. Los Angeles Times.

BBC Documentary - English

Tales From the Jungle is in seven parts, a total of 71 minutes long. After an introduction, it begins in Death Valley with Patrica Partin's death. 

Same BBC Documentary - Spanish


Amalia, Dee Ann, Florinda, and Taisha

Also missing...

Regine Margarita Thal, aka Florinda Donner - writer and anthropologist.

Dr. Maryann Simko, aka Taisha Abelar

- writer and anthropologist.

Both vanished with Amalia and Dee Ann.

They could be anywhere... Rumors said they left Los Angeles by plane, boat and car, on their way to Death Valley, Mexico, South America, or the Netherlands.

We've talked with the LAPD and FBI and there's an Interpol Bulletin alert in two countries.

Our last, best hope is you.

Last known photo of Dee Ann Ahlvers, also known as Kylie Lundren.

Her sister and her sons want to find her.

Amalia Marquez Marin, also known as Talia Bey.

Former president of Cleargreen, Castaneda's company, still operating in Los Angeles.

Her brothers and sister and cousins

want to find her. Her parents died not knowing.